For Immediate Release: December 30, 2020
Contact: Norm Dorais, Public Works Director, (650) 286-3279,

The planned closure of the Levee Trail from Shorebird Park to the San Mateo Bridge (Phase 2) is expected to take place on or around January 19, 2021 (this is rescheduled from the original date of January 7). This closure is in addition to the existing closure of the Levee Trail from Port Royal Avenue to Shorebird Park (Phase 1). It is anticipated that portions of Shorebird Park will remain open during this Levee Trail closure. A revised detour map is available on the project web page, which shows the Foster City Pedway on Seal Slough as an alternative route for community members to use while the Levee Trail is closed.

The purpose of these trail closures is to protect the public during heavy construction work on the Levee Improvements Project, facilitate efficient construction scheduling, and maintain the overall project timeline.

The Levee Trail north of the San Mateo Bridge (Phase 3) will remain open until construction gets underway on that section, which is anticipated to begin in May 2021. Community members have inquired about whether the section of the Levee Trail which goes underneath the San Mateo Bridge can temporarily remain open to allow for trail access north of the bridge. The City has worked with the contractor on a plan which will accommodate this request, and the Levee Trail under the bridge is expected to remain open until April 2021. At that time, preparatory work must begin which will require the closure of the short section under the bridge.

In preparation for the additional trail closure and levee construction, Beach Park Boulevard will be reconfigured beginning the week of January 11, 2021. New striping on Beach Park Boulevard from approximately Shorebird Park to Bridgeview Park will reduce the vehicle lanes to one in each direction. New bike lanes will be added, while the existing temporary bike and runner lane will be closed. A portion of the roadway on the east side of Beach Park Boulevard will be utilized for additional construction staging for the project.

Below is a summary of the currently anticipated schedule of Levee Trail closures:

  • Phase 1 Port Royal Drive to Shorebird Park – October 2020 to January 2023
  • Phase 2 Shorebird Park to San Mateo Bridge – January 2021 to January 2024
  • Phase 3 San Mateo Bridge to Anchor Road – May 2021 to January 2024

Assuming the project proceeds without unanticipated delays, the period during which the entire Levee Trail is closed is currently expected to be approximately 19 months (from May 2021 to January 2023, when Phase 1 is anticipated to re-open).

All schedules shown are anticipated and subject to change due to weather, unforeseen circumstances, or other factors.

While closure of significant portions of the Levee Trail is inconvenient, it is an important public safety measure, and allows for the most efficient construction scheduling. The result will be a shorter overall construction duration and reduced length of construction impact to the public. Without the levee closures, the overall timeframe for construction would extend beyond the approximately three-year period currently anticipated.

As construction continues for approximately the next three years, the community is reminded that the closed, fenced trail and staging areas are not safe for the public, and trespassing into fenced areas is prohibited at all times. Construction work with heavy equipment and machinery is underway, and work can move quickly to different areas within the closed portion of the levee and staging area. Even when work is not underway in a specific location, it is not safe for the public to be anywhere inside the work zone. Foster City Police have added patrols to the area to help keep the construction sites secure.

The Levee Project will protect Foster City homes, schools, businesses, and essential City services and infrastructure during storms and high tides, and from future sea level rise. The improved levee will be more resistant to earthquake damage, and will prevent designation of the City as a flood zone, thus avoiding requirements for homeowners to purchase expensive, permanent flood insurance. And, the improvements to the Levee/Bay Trail will provide the community with an enhanced, more inviting recreation destination, maintaining the natural beauty of the levee and our scenic views.

Foster City community members can subscribe to receive email construction updates. For more information about this project, please visit Additional questions can also be directed to the Foster City Public Works Department at (650) 286-3270 or Any construction-related issues may be reported to the project hotline at 1-800-213-6320 (calls will typically be returned within one-to-two working days).