For Immediate Release: February 26, 2021
Contact: Levee Project Hotline at 1-800-213-6320,

The Levee Improvements Project is advancing ahead of the anticipated schedule, with the closure of the Levee Trail from the San Mateo Bridge to Anchor Road (Phase 3) expected to take place beginning April 1, 2021. Progress is also being made along Beach Park Boulevard, where sheet piles will begin to be installed during the week of March 1-5 from Shorebird Park to Bridgeview Park. 

The Phase 3 trail closure, projected to begin in May 2021, is beginning sooner than planned due to early construction progress. Closing this section of trail will help keep sheet pile machines moving and maintain progress toward opening the trail as soon as possible. A revised detour map is available on the project web page, which shows the Foster City Pedway on Seal Slough as an alternative route for community members to use while the Levee Trail is closed.  

“We understand how this project impacts everyone in the community, and the entire project team is working to drive efficiency and move toward restoring trail access as quickly as we can do so safely,” said Project Manager Paul Nagengast. “Barring any unforeseen circumstances, our goal is to finish Phases 2 and 3 early and still have the entire Levee Trail closed for no more than 19 months.”

Sheet pile installation along Beach Park Boulevard represents additional forward progress on the project, as contractors insert the sheet piles that will form the upgraded wall structure in this section of the levee. Foster City is preparing for the installation work by clearing, excavating and compacting the trail surface and surrounding area. The closed construction lane on the east side of Beach Park Boulevard is being used for hauling, very small-scale lightweight concrete production, construction materials, and equipment staging. Sheet pile installation is expected to continue through summer 2021. 

“While the sheet pile installation demonstrates progress in improving the levee, we also realize that the construction activity is disrupting to residents,” Nagengast said. “I want to thank the Foster City community for your continued patience and support while we make these necessary upgrades to our levee.

As construction activities continue, the community is reminded that the closed, fenced trail and staging areas are not safe for the public, and trespassing into fenced areas is prohibited at all times for everyone’s safety. Also please remember that bike lanes are for bicyclists only, and sidewalks are for pedestrians and joggers.

To learn more about the project, visit the newly-launched dedicated project website, Via the website, community members can see a construction timeline, view what the new levee will look like, read through Frequently Asked Questions, and even sign up for regular construction updates.

For more information, please email Any construction-related issues may be reported to the project hotline at 1-800-213-6320 (calls will typically be returned within 24 hours).