For Immediate Release: May 20, 2021
Contact: Levee Project Hotline at 1-800-213-6320,

The Levee Improvements Project will resume work in the Phase 1 area (Port Royal Drive to Shorebird Park) on or around June 7, starting with the closure of the Baffin Street crossing to Belmont/Redwood Shores. A revised detour map is available on the project website.

“This work represents the continued progress the entire project team has made throughout the last few months,” said Project Manager Paul Nagengast. “We are able to go back to the Please 1 area earlier than expected because of our dedication in pursuing environmental permits and our efficiency in the construction work to date. The project’s progress would simply not be possible without our community’s patience and cooperation.”

As part of the project design, two small bridges will be built at the crossings to and from Belmont and Redwood Shores. The City has ensured that either the bridge/access point near Baffin Street or the one near Rock Harbor Lane will remain open for public use during construction. A detour will route trail users along Port Royal Ave or O’Neil Slough Path, depending on which direction they are coming from.

Environmental surveys were conducted to ensure Ridgway’s Rail and California Black Rail birds are protected during their nesting season. With recent approval granted by the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), construction is now allowed on the levee from Highway 101 to south of Shorebird Park at locations 700 feet or greater from rail nesting areas.

The contractor will continue preparing for this work by clearing, excavating, and compacting the trail surface and surrounding areas. Signage regarding closure of the Baffin Street crossing and the updated detour route has been installed since early May.

As construction continues, the community is reminded that the closed, fenced trail and staging areas are not safe for the public. Trespassing into fenced areas is prohibited at all times for everyone’s safety. Also please remember that bike lanes are for bicyclists only, and sidewalks are for pedestrians and joggers.

To learn more about the project, visit the project website:, where community members can see a construction timeline, view what the new levee will look like, read through Frequently Asked Questions, and even sign up for regular construction updates.

Email any additional questions to Any construction-related issues may be reported to the project hotline at 1-800-213-6320 (calls will typically be returned within 24 hours).